Yii-User Migration failing

error message - failed to apply m110810_162301_userTimestampFix migration failed. all later migrations are canceled.

what are the reasons?

Help me.

this is the error message

solved it

i just executed this


now its working…

But the feature with migration is still a qn!!!


You must to configure ‘tablePrefix’ in console.php, like :










yes i did that already…but not working… any way

then i go through this link

Here is the solution


Change this:

	public $tableUsers = '{{users}}';

	public $tableProfiles = '{{profiles}}';

	public $tableProfileFields = '{{profiles_fields}}';

into this:

	public $tableUsers = 'users';

	public $tableProfiles = 'profiles';

	public $tableProfileFields = 'profiles_fields';

in UserModule.php line 95.

I had the same error. First time running migrations. :)

So, I notice that the bottom message is… well… useless to figure out what the problem is. But it tells you “Hey, you have a problem” and that’s nice.

The proper reason, could be found (it was on my case), at the very top of that console process printed on your terminal.

Exception: CDbCommand failed to execute the SQL statement: ... 

And after that, you may found the reason for the issue. :)

I realise the OP already found his solution, I just wish to add this for future reference.