Yii User Mangement Redirect Loop

I just installed (installing) yii-user-management and I’m stuck in this redirect loop that I can’t figure out. I figure it is something with my access rules, but I am having trouble narrowing it down.

I’m not installing the user managment on a fresh install, so I’m fairly certain is something I changed. I suspect that is something in my access rules because before I finished my app, I changed it so that only one user has access to all the features and planned on changing the access rules later.

Because the browser stops with this redirect loop–I’m not sure how to debug since I’m fairly unfamiliar with how the authentication/login process works. I’m at the step to “administrate users” in the install tutorial if that helps.

Found the issue. Was a problem in my main.php syntax in that two components were in the same array. Sorry for taken up the forum space.