Yii User Management

So I’ve installed Yii User Management Extention alongside incorporating some themes. My problem is It throws me an error when I’m accesing Registration page It give’s me

Error 404

Unable to resolve the request "user/registration".

I added the this code on module section at main.php

'registration' => array(



I checked my module folder page and registration files was there. Any help?


Hi Gorhell,

Are you using Yii 2.0? I understand the user management extension (from thyseus) is built on Yii 1.1 and cannot be used the way we used under the earlier version. I am upgrading my earlier app from Yii 1.1 to Yii 2.0 and have not yet figured this out. I do not want to pick another user management extension because I got use to this one. Let me know if you have worked this out on Yii 2.0.