Yii user management Question


I want to build my next project in Yii BUT I don’t know if Yii has the features I need:

Extensive user management - I will have a lot of users types and each type will have permissions to different controllers - is that easy to implement in Yii? (As it is in Drupal for example)

When you talk about the framwwork then you also agree that you have to write a bit code here, i have also worked in drupal.

But the main difference is there that we dont have any kind of User interface like drupal to maintain the user permissions.

Either you can user a user management extension for yii or you can read This link

for more information about user role management and user management related feature.

That works like a charm.go and use it… :)

Thank you! that link you gave me looks really useful!

BTW - I didn’t expected that it will be exist right out-of-the-box, I just wanted to know that the framework would not make my life a living hell by trying to implement that feature. :) 10x again!