Yii User Management Module

I installed Yii User Management Module and after authorization had the error

Alias "bootstrap.widgets.TbGridView" is invalid. Make sure it points to an existing directory or file.

After that, I thought it’s about bootstrap and installed bootstrap, but the problem didn’t go away. Where is my mistake?

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Guys I have installed User management module …

And stucked on this message …

Error : 401

"Please activate the registration submodule in your config/main.php. See the installation instructions or registration/RegistrationModule.php for details"

Please Help…

sounds like you need to enable (and configure) the registration module in your config.php:

'registration' => array(

                'enableActivationConfirmation' => false,

                'layout' => '//layouts/main',

                'loginAfterSuccessfulActivation' => true,

                'loginAfterSuccessfulRecovery' => true,

                'registrationUrl' => array('//registration/registration/registration'),

                'recoverPasswordView' => '//registration/registration/recovery',

                'changePasswordView' => '//user/user/changepassword',

                'registrationEmail' => 'register <register@website.com>',

                'recoveryEmail' => 'recover <recover@website.com>',

                'activationFailureView' => '//registration/registration/activation_failure',