Yii-User-Management Module With Custom Theme (Abound Admin Theme V1.1)

I am creating a blacklist web application based on Yii Framework. To avoid reinventing the wheel i have decided to implement yii-user-management module and to use Abound admin theme v1.1 (hxxp://www.webapplicationthemes.com/yiitheme/abound/).

Both the module and the theme work as expected. Even the contact form works and uses the theme looks (the contact page - site/contact- exists by defaut in an automated Yii instalation made with the yiic shell generation tool).

The problem is i cannot make the module use the theme looks, for i don’t know what reason it defaults to the standard Yii theme. I have copied the module views files and placed them into the Abound theme view folder in a try to overload them. Overloading works in a way (if i write ‘<p>Login HERE</a>’ in the login view placed in the Abound theme that paragraph will appear in the front end). But, still, that module page is using the default Yii theme instead of the Abound theme.

So can anybody help me please to make the yii-user-management module use the Abound theme rather than the default one?

copied from another post i had

If you would like to use your own theme add the flowing to your main.php file. You will have to obviously go into the view files and css to restyle them to your needs.

‘moduels’=> array(

other module settings…

‘user’ => array(

   ....other settings

   'baseLayout'=&gt;'//layouts/column2',   /// THIS IS FOR THEMING


other module settings…

also, you can go into the controllers individually and add

public $layout=’//layouts/yourlayout’;

I use this method for things like the login. it will override baselayout above.

Thank you for your answer. After some hard core googling and repeted Yii forum and wiki lectures i have decided to go my own way by creating my own simple RBAC and generate a custom module using Giix. There still are some things i need to understand but everything is starting to make sense now.