Yii User Management Module and XLoginPortlet

I’m trying to use the these 2 extensions together.

The login portlet works fine with the login form that comes with yii. However when I try to use this module, they can’t seem to work together.

With YUM enabled, when logged in, th portlet seems to recognized that user is logged in and automatically goes to admin panel. However when logged in via the portlet, the system knows admin user has logged in, but YUM doesn’t seem to recognize the user and refused to go to that page.

What configs do I need to set to make these work together?

You should try the latest svn release of Yii User Management which includes a ‘login Widget’ that uses the CPortlet internally. This Widget is available in modules/user/components/LoginWidget.php and can simply be rendered anywhere you want with $this->widget(‘application.modules.user.components.LoginWidget’);

please give this a try and some feedback if it worked.

svn is available here:


The login widget works!! Thanks so much! :)

FYI, I have trouble downloading the svn with commands shown in Checkout page - probably having something to do with network setup on my development server, so I copied-and-pasted codes from these files: …/components/LoginWidget.php and …/components/views/quicklogin.php.

Hope you’ll come out with a release soon!

I found some bugs in Yii-user-management

  1. in /user/views/user/profile-edit.php

need append to $profile -> $profile[0] - and page where profile edit will work

  1. Missings files in dir /user/views/profile/