YII user management getting blank page.


I am new to YII, I am using latest version of YII and downloaded latest user menagement extention. I have follow all steps of user managemen and complete successfully Installation on my YII Project. after successfully installation I go through localhost/yii/user_auth/index.php?r=user/auth , am getting blank page without any types of error.

I am struggling to understand YII and user management. why is it displaying me blank page?

Plz help me.

check out both your PHP’s error.log file (and if you don’t have a useful one my advise is to have such, on your dev environment. See php.ini config options for this to enable high logging level) and Yii’s log file found under protected/runtime/application.log. They both will help you diagnose and solve the problem.

Thax for quick reply.

I had an error in view file after solving this I am getting error like "UserModule and its behaviors do not have a method or closure named "t". "

[SOLVE] I had error in my menu declaration which one is old one modules menu and getting error.