Yii-User-Management Gets Hybridauth Support

Hello everyone !

yii-user-management >= 0.9 (work in progress) will get hybrid auth support:

for me it works fine with facebook, twitter and google plus providers. Would be cool if the

community could take a look at the code and maybe test some less popular providers, so it can

go into the 0.9 stable version.

Thanks !

hello thyseus.

please update yii user maangement hybridauth with its config.

i am facing trouble in configure.

Hi thyseus,

Could you please help to check why the hybridauth(via facebook) can’t run with my site? It redirected to url (http: //nghiaky. nanhtrang. com/hybridauth. php?hauth.start=Facebook&hauth.time=1382372984) with the blank page?

Thanks in advanced!

Here is some configured information from my site:

config code(file name: hybridauth.php): I placed it at protected folder of application



		"base_url" => "http: //nghiaky. nanhtrang. com/hybridauth.php",

		"providers" => array ( 

			// openid providers

			"OpenID" => array (

				"enabled" => false


            "Facebook" => array (

                "enabled" => true,

                "keys"    => array ( "id" => "xxxx", "secret" => "xxxx" ),



		// if you want to enable logging, set 'debug_mode' to true  then provide a writable file by the web server on "debug_file"

		"debug_mode" => true,

		"debug_file" => "log.txt",


from end point (file name: hybridauth.php): I placed it at the root folder of application (same level with the index.php)

require_once( "protected/modules/user/vendors/hybridauth/Hybrid/Auth.php" );

require_once( "protected/modules/user/vendors/hybridauth/Hybrid/Endpoint.php" ); 


from UserModule:

// LoginType :

	// If you want to activate many types of login just sum up the values below 

	// and assign them to 'loginType' in the user module configuration. For 

	// example, to allow login by username, email and hybridauth, set this 

	// value to 7. Defaults to only allow login by username (value set to 1)


	const LOGIN_BY_EMAIL = 2;


	public $loginType = 7;

	public $hybridAuthConfigFile =  'protected/config/hybridauth.php';

	// see user/vendors/hybridauth/Hybrid/Providers for supported providers.

	// example: array('facebook', 'twitter')

	public $hybridAuthProviders = array('facebook', 'twitter', 'google', 'linkedin');

And some config from the facebook app: app domain(nghiaky. nanhtrang. com), site url (http: //nghiaky. nanhtrang. com/hybridauth.php)

P/S; for the link i have added the space after dot sign coz forum don’t allow include the link into the post.