YII user management Extension

Hello Everyone,

I am newbie to Yii Framework. Right now I am in learning phase & trying to understand the Yii Framework.While googling I found Yii User Management extension which has certain features with which we can able to manage users, their roles, permissions,handle profiles etc.

I googled a lot for finding some proper documentation reagrding installing & using the extension but oops…:( couldn’t find one except provided on extension link.

Now, somehow after solving lot of errors, I have managed to install this extension. But I neither dont know how to use it nor found any working demo of it, document too.

So anyone please tell me, whether using this extension is better than writing a manual code for managing users.

Also while googling I found some people saying use ‘YUM’ with ‘Yii rights’ then it will be a great customization.

So is it going to work? Anyone has implemented the same? If yes can you please share the demo link?

Thanks in Advance.