Yii User Management Extension


I am new to Yii Framework and have installed version (1.1.14) on a web server.

Everything is going well, with Gii configured and database created with mysql.

Next, I am trying to install Yii User Management and came across a few errors.

Error 1:

  1. "Error 404. The system is unable to find the requested action "install"." when I tried to access the installation page - …/index.php?r=user/install

  2. I tried to look for a solution online and someone suggested that I enable URLs in path-format below -







I received an error - Property "CUrlManager.,urlFormat" is not defined. -> .../framework/YiiBase.php(220)

Anyone facing a similar problem?

Any guide would be appreciated. Thank you.


I have managed to get the extension running after diving deeper.

Points to take note:

  1. Place sub folders [avatar]…[usergroup] directly under /protected/modules/

  2. Replace the codes below


   'cache' => array('class' => 'system.caching.CDummyCache'),
  1. Set table prefix in your database connection

‘tablePrefix’ => ‘’,

Error - Property "CUrlManager.,urlFormat" is not defined. -> .../framework/YiiBase.php(220) still exists when I enable urlManager

I came across this error as I clicked on a user.


YumProfileController cannot find the requested view "user.friendship.views.friendship.friends".


Fatal error:

Class ‘YumRole’ not found in ../protected/modules/user/views/user/admin.php on line 82

Anyone with a solution?

Hi, I’m also struggling with this whole thing, but no success. It seems to me to be a very beta version.