Yii-User Install

I cann’t install it.

I have problem with the step "Run command: yiic migrate --migrationPath=user.migrations"

It gives "Error: The migration directiory does not exist: user.migrations".

I use Windows and XAMP-portable. My comand is: C:\PATH_TO_HTDOCS\mysite\protected>C:\PATH_TO_PHP_DIRECTORY\php.exe yiic migrate --migrationPath=user.migrations"


This is a perfect reference to install the extension.


I came across an error which reflects that there are no superusers available. (By default, Admin is a superuser)

Solution: (After searching online…)

Open up the file RAuthorizer.php under /modules/rights/components and comment out lines 304 and 305:

//if( $superusers===array() )

// throw new CHttpException(403, Rights::t(‘core’, ‘There must be at least one superuser!’));

I did it. Hier is my german Tutorial.