Yii-User And Rights Module Integration

Hi All

I have just created a fresh web application. I have used yii-user and rights module. I have completed all necessary steps to add rights to users and roles. One thing I am facing problem is any registered user can access User listing page while it’s not assigned to any role/user. I created a task for user module index action but it didn’t work. All registered users can access this page even if this task is not assigned to anyone.

All I want to do is restrict listing of users for all users except admin role. I tried to add rights filter in user module controller but it didn’t not work.

public function filters() {

  	return array(




and also used…

reutrn CMap::mergeArray(parent::filters(),array(‘rights’));

But rights filter not working. Please if anyone know any solution, let me know.


Deepak Singh Kushwah