Yii urlManager and jquery ajax GET request

I am using seourlmanager class in urlmanager.

There is a field with ajax autocomplete that uses Multicomplete Extension.

The extension sends ajax request like ‘controller/action?term=searchterm’.

The problem is that url manager (seourlmanager) can’t deal with the get query.

In url manager I have this rule:


How to adjust the url manager to work both with Multicomplete Extension and seourlmanager?

hey lvil

in the new seoUrlManager version (which is gonna be up in a couple days) the query string gets saved in a property, so you can actually access it like this Yii::app()->urlManager->preservedQueryString

also u can write your rule as follows:


so every request to

controller/action/searchterm equals controller/action?term=searchterm

of course the Multicomplete Extension has to send ajax requests like ‘controller/action/searchterm’, and i don’t know if theres an option to tell the extension to do that.

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Hey lvil

Despite my update information in the last post i decided to discontinue development of the seoUrlManager to focus on other projects and extensions…

If you will want to handle the query strings you will either need to configure the multi complete extension (if possible) or modify the seoUrlManager yourself…