yii uploadify script path


I used this page http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/uploadify/ as a model to create my app to upload the files to a specific folder.

But when i submit the uploadify folder it dont work, it says the folder don’t exist.

The upload file is on this directory: ./protected/extensions/uploadify/UploadFileAction.php

The url of the view is this one http://developer:8888/MonitorSVN/index.php?r=ChangeControl/admin.

the script is this one


        'uploader': './assets/uploadify/uploader.swf',

        'cancelImg': './assets/uploadify/cancel.png',

        'script': '/uploadify/upload',

Someone know how to help me?

Thanks ppl.

i changed to the /MonitorSVN/index.php?r=ChangeControl/upload path… and same thing

NOTE: moved to proper section (Extensions instead of General Discussion for Yii 1.1.x)

Now i changed to http://developer:8888/MonitorSVN/ChangeControl/upload using mod_rewrite… but no luck