Yii Unable To Resolve The Request

I have finally finished my first major Yii application and decided to deploy to the server to test.

I deployed to shared hosting which is usually linux servers. When trying to test the server tells me "Unable to resolve the request".

I developed on windows using controllers named as:


My URL’s would be something like:


Turns out linux is case sensitive when it comes to this. When changing my URL’s to: MyLogonController/login, it works.

Is there a solution to this problem within the Yii framework? If not what can I do to overcome this? It is a Yii naming standard to name controllers as such, but then it does not work on linux which is what all hostings companies use?

You introduced me to a future problem that I was luckily unaware of.

Found something here

Perhaps there is a better solution.

I don’t think that will work. In that solution the .htaccess file is chaning everything to lowercase.

The controller names in Yii are CamelCaseController names and all URL’s are already in lowercase.

This has been discussed before.


In CUrlManager you can set caseSensitive to false if you like.

Thanks, but that did not fix the problem.

This is what I have:










This is what the docs say:

	public $caseSensitive=true;


* @var boolean whether the GET parameter values should match the corresponding

* sub-patterns in a rule before using it to create a URL. Defaults to false, meaning

* a rule will be used for creating a URL only if its route and parameter names match the given ones.

* If this property is set true, then the given parameter values must also match the corresponding

* parameter sub-patterns. Note that setting this property to true will degrade performance.

* @since 1.1.0