Yii-twig external functions like twig way

I try to rewrite yii-twig/yii2-twig extension. I’ve started to study current function and now I’m confused.
Why do we use the “use [namespace]” construction? It seems like we try to code like php way not twig way.
What do you think about it?
In my opinion - We must use all the yii function like this


and never use php namespace in template.

Probably. We’re not that good with Twig…


Can you show a twig file when you see this construction ?

This is example when used “use yii/web/JqueryAsset”

{{ use('yii/web/JqueryAsset') }}
{{ register_jquery_asset() }}

But we have yii-twig function for this.

{{ register_asset_bundle('yii/web/JqueryAsset') }}

If short - we must delete function “use” from yii-twig extention.

How about all other helpers?