Yii Tutorials For Newbie

Hi everyone, I’m a newbie here.

and would want to learn Yii.

yes i like this philosophy and method of framework.

so please refer some great video tutorials to help me as a beginner.

Please help me to learn yii in a trouble free way. but you knw im ready to take any challenge to learn.

please refer some books,blogs,video tutorials.


Hi Vipin, welcome to the forum.

Nobody can tell you the right choice for you, because everybody has his/her own liking.

So, don’t waste your time asking which way to go. Just start some tutorial. :)

Maybe Larry Ullman’s Learning Yii Series, I guess.


Hi vipin,

you can start learning yii from book also from google. Best site for yii is yii website.if you have any problem regarding yii then just write your problem in yii forum.You can also visit my blog for yii solution.


Ravi Thanki

blog: http://ravithanki.wordpress.com

As written many times on this forum, if you did not yet read it, the best way to start with Yii brefore reading anything else is to read the Definitive Guide to Yii - http://www.yiiframework.com/doc/guide/It will give you all the basics of Yii and reading and understanding other posts/tutorials/videos and so on will be much easier for you.