Yii Tutorial Help

Hello people i am new to yii framework and i am a new bie php developer please give me some tips here and kindly tel me about some tutorials please.

welcome aboard!

you can find a bunch of tutorial at this page:


you might read the book “agile web application development with yii1.1 and php5” by jeffrey winesett. unfortunately, this book is not free… :( :(

Agile Web Application Development PHP5

Also, if you do read it, make sure to come to this part of the forum :


which lists the numerous errors…

I was very happy to find a book about yii, but very upset to waste so much time figuring out I was looking for mistakes in my code which actually came from the book. I found it very unprofessional from the author and the editor. Especially from the editor who won’t correct the electronic version of the book with the errors we readers have found and corrected.