Yii Training for me - I need training

I am looking for an english speaker expert in Yii to train me how to use the framework for my project. See the attached documents for a description of what the application she be able to do upon completion. Email me with questions or post here. Tom at thomasjames .com

hey i am ready to work with you… you can contact me here sivat1985@gmail.com. have 4yrs of exp in lamp…in yii 2+yrs exp… pls provide ur mail id i can share my profile with u

Are you going to develop this all by yourself?

You might consider paying someone to actually write the app while teaching you instead of trying to bring you up to speed from scratch. This looks like a large project!

On the other hand, most web applications are really just a series of forms when you get right down to the foundation. What is your timeline for completing this?

am ready to do this for you… if required you can contact on my mobile


I would like to work with you. I have more than 6 years experiences in PHP, MySql, Ajax, JavaScript, jQuery, and Yii (more than 2 years).

Skype: phpwindow

Email: phpwindow@gmail.com

Yours sincerely,


i will like to work with you, i have experience in yii