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(Imehesz) #1


I created a little site where designers, (or whoever) can upload themes/skins etc that they designed especially for Yii applications.

I’ve created some, to get everybody started, but as you’ll be able to tell, I’m not a designer :)

Check it out and let me know what you think: http://yiithemes.mehesz.net



(J Theill) #2

Its really a nice site and a very good idea Imehesz!

What about making a "theme shifter"? So that you could apply the different themes on your site and view the theme live instead of a screenshot.

(Manu34) #3

this is excellent !! … I’m not designer neither and surely use this theme repository !



(Cyberpol 777) #4

Very good idea!!

Why not call it Tii (just an idea), and become a part of the framework, just like zii extensions?

imehesz, what do you think?


(Linija) #5


Great idea ;)

What do you use to preview themes (like Yii gallery mode):




(Sebastianmazur) #6


(Ficti0n Evol) #7

I have been trying to mess with themes and the CSS files and it seems no matter what values i change the default layout and colors stay intact… Any suggestions?

I have tried looking in the main.php file for the

Yii::app()->theme = ‘classic’

Couldn’t find anything like that to change to one of the other themes, I tried to do it in the site controller as well… and then I tried arbitrarily changing values in the CSS files under the css directory just to get some kind of reaction out of yii…

FAIL on all of that…

Any suggestions? I have been searching for like 2 days now all over on Yii themes, Yii skins Yii css everything comes back with suggestions that dont work

(Imehesz) #8


there is a known bug with themes :confused:

it should be solved in the next release, but if you need it ASAP, you can easily fix it, just follow the link below!


hope it helps.


(Ficti0n Evol) #9

ahhhhh Ok thanks for the info!!! I will give that a try, I just started with yii 4 days ago and have been developing for a good 35 hours practically straight through… :) Its been rough, i find the official documenation to be a bit cryptic and the examples not well thought out… but there are a few good blogs out there… Wish I could find more…

(Admin Angels) #10

It’s a very good idea

(Imehesz) #11

hello all,

We recently added some new themes to the YiiThemes site, and (hopefully) improved the user experience :)

Check it out at: http://yiithemes.mehesz.net



(Macinville) #12

Hmm… I should’ve seen this earlier, already spent like an hour for my own theme. :wacko:

(Imehesz) #13


haha, an hour? that’s not bad at all :)

I’m a developer, not a themer, but I like to work with nice things, even when I know it will be replaced later with a “real” theme :)


(Ediyansyah) #14

nice themes mehesz, i like it :rolleyes:

(Jacob Moen) #15

Great start! :D

Let’s hope other people find their way to the site and start contributing.

(Imehesz) #16

yes, I have fairly decent traffic on it without advertising it at all (it’s been up since April)

thanks for the kind words :)


(Johnnyma1988) #17

oh, great! it’s nice. :rolleyes:

(Jacob Moen) #18

I have a complaint:

webmaster@example.com - seriously??! :lol:

The activation email went straight to my unwanted box.

I want to submit this:



Remember good old Freshy2 ?

It’s GPL, which I can’t change.

I’ll clean it up a bit and put it up there if you want it.

It currently requires a custom menu widget (Freshy2Menu), and I need to create a portlet style for it as well.

(Imehesz) #19


it’s probably from the development settings - woops :) fixed it now!


(Imehesz) #20


I uploaded 13 more themes and added a little "social-experience" with sharing and facebook LIKE.

My personal favorite right now is: http://yiithemes.mehesz.net/theme/21/anime1