Yii Themes are bad...

Hello all,

I am trying Yii and I have almost finished small application.

Functionality is OK and my last step is to find nice theme for my application.

I found one site with Yii themes and tried one theme with nice "make-up".

WOW, looks good BUT…

First look on main menu slightly disgust me…

My customized main menu was reverted to originally generated.

Looking to the code - ok, layout was replaced by theme…

So I should to customize layout inside the theme.

My question at this moment is WHY???

Why Theme, which should change only the look of site, changes the content?..

My mediation:


If we want to use Themes created by third parties and don’t want to customize each of them,

then we should to define some boundary, interface or rules…

It should be clear what is content and what is form and how these two things are working together.

Layouts and views are pulling data from models.

It is not good… because independent author of independent theme is unaware about our models…

Data or their interpretation should be pushed to the Theme.

What is your opinion?

Themes are fantastic! Once you get your head around them.

If you just want visual changes from theme to theme then just copy the theme and play with the CSS or the presentation within each view.

It sounds like you expect a Yii theme to be like a Wordpress theme, that you just drop in place. It’s way more flexible than that.

My two cents.