Yii Template Problem

I just downloaded this free zerofour (from html5up site) template which is responsive so it look nice on both desktop and mobiles. I made a few changes to file left-sidebar.html (attached), i just added removed a few DIV. I am running xampp on my windows 7 and page looks nice on my iPhone 5.

Then I tried to convert it (left-sidebar.html) to yii template by creating a new theme named ‘pc’ under themes directory. My folder structure is depicted in attachment ‘folder_structure.jpg’. I pasted the images, css, and js folder from the original tempalte (zerofour). I removed the <noscript> tags arround the CSS files in the head html tag to make this work on even desktop.

Then I pasted all the html from the zerofour file left-sidebar.html(modified one) into main.php (attached) under layouts folder.

Now the theme works perfect on desktop but it does not work on my mobile, it is not responsive and it shows me the desktop version of the page although if I browse it from my mobile it works fine (as mentioned earlier too).

How can I make this template responsive like original zerofour template.