Yii Tbrelationalcolumn Ajax Pagination Trigger Full Page Change Instead Of Subgrid

I have a Yii booster TbRelationalColumn and it work perfectly, now when the records are more, the pagination is showing correctly but when i change the page the whole grid disappears and only that grid is showing which is currently selected, i have to refresh the page to get back all the related columns. Here is my code:

$this->widget('bootstrap.widgets.TbExtendedGridView', array(


            'dataProvider' => $model->search(),





            'columns' => array_merge(array(


                    'name' => 'name',

             'url' =>$this->createUrl('XXXXXXX'),

             'value'=> $data->name


            ),array( 'XXXXXX','XXXXXX',





        'update' => array(








Now the problem is that how can i maintain the current view when we change the page only related columns page is change not the whole grid?

help me guys…am waited since yesterday…


When u click pagination u can call a afterAjaxupdate function after dataprovider and call the bootstrap.widgets.TbRelationalColumn widgets

'afterAjaxUpdate'=>'function(id, options){



Hope it will be done.

please post your model(rules) code to make sure that relationship is perfect, I m using the same table with more 30thousand fields, i had some strange behaviour when i realize the whole problems was in relationship, b/c the data was not rendering due to problem in relationship!

the data is rendering perfectly.Nothing problems is occurs with the model.

i think you didnt understand my problem.I have all the things working.Only but when i have related table data with pagination,When i go to second page, the whole grid becomes that subgrid and shows second page,The other data is again rendered after if i reload the page.Problem with ajax pagination,The paginater hooks action with full Cgrid not with that subgrid only.


please make sure check this renderPartial(Pass the fourth parameter)


i did this earlier, I think i should post more code here to be more clear :

The controller action which is rendering the partial data-

 public function actionXXXX($id){

         //Logic which works good here.


            $this->renderPartial('_orders', array(

                                    'id' => Yii::app()->getRequest()->getParam('id'),


                                    'model' => $model),false,true);



This is Partial Rendered _order Grid:

$this->widget('bootstrap.widgets.TbExtendedGridView', array(

'type'=>'striped bordered',

'dataProvider' => $dataProvider,











  'columns'=>array(  // Data Columns    )



When you create the function u must be

$deviceDataProvider=new CArrayDataProvider($data_arr, array('id'=>'id',



it’s automatically created pagination