Yii::t() in crud templates

Hi everybody…

i’m trying to get every message translated. Many things created from yiic shell command are not automatically translated and need to be replaced.


<h1>Create ModelName</h1>

after a find and replace is:

<h1><? echo Yii::t('yii','Create');?> ModelName</h1>

i wonder… would it be possible to change the core in order to create files this way? i saw that probably one could modify files in framework/gii/generators/crud/templates/default…

Yii rocks! :)

You can create a new CrudCommand, like MyCrud and use this for generate your page.

check CConsoleCommand and copy from the yii implementation!

thanks… i’ll try that out.

My idea would be a suggestion for a future version of Yii… it would be quite an easy change i think, but still a cool feature! :)

Hello joeysantiago,

If you are using Yii v.1.0.x then I recommend you iCRUD (it was developed by me), however If you are using Yii v.1.1.x I recommend you GTC (Gii-Template-Collection: This is the improved version of iCRUD, I’m helping to develop this one): This modules do exactly what you want.

If you have some question, just post it. ;)