Yii::t() '0' is missing


When use Yii::t() to translate a string, the zero in the string is always missing.

e.g. Yii::t(‘aCategory’, ‘2012’) == ‘212’

if I set $param=array(‘0’=>‘0’), e.g. Yii::t(‘aCategory’, ‘2012’,array(‘0’=>‘0’)) == ‘2012’.

but I think it is not the most correct way as Yii::t(‘aCategory’, ‘2012’,array(‘0’=>‘A’)) is still ‘2012’.

What is the correct way to translate ‘0’?

We cannot know the message in advance so cannot use Yii::t(‘aCategory’, ‘2{0}12’,array(’{0}’=>‘a’))


I have this problem to. Solve anybody this?


I have changed from Yii::t(‘text’, ‘About The Game’, null, null, ‘en’)

to Yii::t(‘text’, ‘About The Game’, array(), null, ‘en’)

and problem disappeared.