Yii Soap Through Https

I defined a Yii soap server side(reside on remote server) in my Controller,

   public function actions()


        return array(









     * @param string the symbol of the user_id

     * @return string the return value to the Client application

     * @soap


    public function getClientData($data)


        $user_id = $data;

        return ' user_id = '.$user_id;


Then, I could be able to view this wsdl link in my browser with url https : / / pathtomywsdl. And the browser return me the correct wsdl information.

In my client side(my localhost application). I create a client:

$client = new SoapClient('https : / /pathtomywsdl');

	$result = $client->getClientData('15');

and finnlly I got :

[color="#FF0000"]SoapFault looks like we got no XML document error[/color]

I could do the same function through HTTP.

My question is how could I connect to my soap server through https?

Any ideas?