yii snipMate snippet collection for yii

I know about the phpDoc for vim project - but being a snipMate lover i had a idea based on this project.

A snipMate collection just for often used Yii functions.

I start this with my personal yii.snippets:

snippet script

	Yii::app()->clientScript->registerScript('${1}', "${2}")

snippet ajaxLink

	echo CHtml::ajaxLink('${1}', array('${2}'));

snippet button

	echo CHtml::button('${1}', array('${2}'));

snippet link

	echo CHtml::link('${1}', array('${2}'));

snippet tag

	echo CHtml::tag('${1}', array('${2}'));

snippet action

	public function action${1}() {



snippet render

	$this->render(${1}, array(${2}));

snippet renderPartial

	$this->renderPartial(${1}, array(${2}));

i would like to see any contributions - if there are enough we could do a package

with the most useful yii snippets :) let me know what you think about this.

I’m on Windows and using PhpStorm but I do have some nice live templates:

vd → CVarDumper::dump($VALUE$,10,true);$END$

query → Yii::app()->getDb()->createCommand()$END$;

access → Yii::app()->user->checkAccess('$VALUE$', array());$END$

Hey, it’s great. What do you think about pushing yii snipmate to github. The community will help it to be more complete :)