Yii + Slim Restulf Webapp Difficulty Integrating

First I want to say I am new to this world of PHP programming, so for my first webapp using PHP I decided to use YII, and is very useful, but I found that YII does not include a RESTful API, so I decided to use Slim Microframework to go around this.

The thing is I am having problems integrating both frameworks, so I wanna know if anyone out there knows the correct solution. I know there is a YII tutorial for making a RESTful API in its home page (http://www.yiiframework.com/wiki/175/how-to-create-a-rest-api/), but I found it too cumbersome for me, I am way too of a newbie in PHP to understand whats going on, and I prefer the minimalistic approach of Slim, so if there is anyone with a solution I’ll appreciated a lot.

Thanks guys.