Yii site layout distorted after changing hosts


I successfully moved my yii site to a new server (Hostgator) by simply re-uploading the backup of the site. However, the styling on the site is skewed and distorted. I can’t figure out why the CSS isn’t working correctly. I can’t see any errors in the browser console either.


  1. The CSS files are not stored in web/asset.

  2. The CSS files are compiled from LESS using LessCompiler Extension and saved in a CSS folder located in the public_html directory.

Any ideas on why this might be happening?

Are they compiled on the fly using Less? If so, I’d wager Hostgator wouldn’t have less installed.

You’ll get better results posting a URL to your website. It should be pretty easy to diagnose a problem with CSS.

Yeah they are compiled on the fly.

The URL to the site is hotelquovadisng.com. Couldn’t link to it directly because this one of my first posts but if you visit hotelquovadisng.com, you’ll find the site.

Take a look at what CSS files are being rendered out on your homepage. You have:

  • css/cms/jquery-ui-1.8.18.custom.css

  • css/style.css

  • /css/jquery.mmenu.all.css

Are there any missing?

Take a look at the yii\web\AssetConverter class. When converting less files, it attempts to execute the following command using proc_open:

lessc {from} {to} --no-color --source-map

Most likely scenario? Hostgator doesn’t install less on it’s shared servers. Either contact them and see if they can do it for you, migrate environments (you can probably find a VPS for a similar price), or stop using less in production.