Yii Signature Application

I think Yii need a Signature Open Source Application, an application that shows Yii off in all its glory.

I have seen a few, not many Yii Open Source Application the most impressive of which is http://www.chive-project.com

But would like to make a suggestion that would show off Yii even more…

Here is the requirement:

  1. A Social Network Application.

  2. Using Elgg as a blueprint, in fact just porting Elgg to Yii Framework would be a good start.

  3. Must be module, so one component can be replaced with another.

  4. Must be Open Source.

  5. Must be amazing!

Please vote in poll.

it be nice but the problem i think is finding people with enough time on their hands to build and maintain it.

Yes, but if this was to become the killer app that made Yii the most popular Framework for the next 10 years then the question is what problem? ;D

Don’t really care about a social networking application as such, what I think would be really nice is a step-by-step guide producing a specific site.

Same style as the Jobeet site that symfony did showing the best practices for the framework with a specific end-goal in mind.

It’s a lot of work and requires some knowledgeable people but it’s a great next step for people to look at once they’ve gone through the basics.

CakePHP has Croogo - it’s a killer app because it is usable. ;)

Take a look at the Showcases:


The Code Bakery is a prime example.

It is a killer app because it is easy to use, easy to extend.

That’s the kind of killer app Yii needs.

Not a demonstration project which you’re not going to use in your own projects.

The only project which comes close to this would be Phundament 2 - all the others are either too complex, not open enough or too incomplete.