Yii Setup Template For Your Projects


for every project I setup, I always do the same steps.

  • Create new project folders

  • git init it

  • include Yii as submodule

  • create a Yii webapp

  • move public files to htdocs folder

  • etc etc etc

As I was starting today for a new project and had all the basics setup, I thought it could be a cool idea to take this Yii project skeleton and publish it as project template on github.

I really appreciate hearing your opinions and improvement suggestions on this package.

Yeah, I know, quite some passed and everybody is hooking on Yii 2.0 (time to make myself familiar with it), but since Yii 1.1.16 is still important for me, for developing customer projects, I took some time to update my development base.

It now includes a vagrant box for easy development setup plus xhprof yii debug panel integration.