Yii Search Box

I need to make a search functionality on my home page to search through all my Models ( I have 4-5 tables). The only search I know off is CgridView from CDbcriteria, looks exactly the same as the Admin and not what I want. I’m looking to place a simple search box, can anyone guide me to an extension? or does Yii have a simple way to do this? The best looking one I found so far is the Zend Lucen tool here

It will be good to hear how some of the Yii people go about this.



Do you mean a textual search with sphinx?

Not exactly, I’m happy just to allow users to search my models and I want to control the view of the results. Sphinx seems nice but perhaps no need if CDbcriteria can do the job. I just don’t know how as I’m not very good at this.


Well the easiest way I found was just to use CDbcriteria, found a decent starter here

On the comments someone put a decent way too.