Yii Rights

Hello Everyone,

I have downloaded & installed Yii Rights. But I have two doubts.

  1. Suppose I have controller class with some functions. So Create operation will take only those functions whose prefix is "action" for e.g actionIndex(). But what if I also want to generate operation for the functions which are not prefixed with Keyword "action" ?

  2. I have one function which does two operations i.e.

    function actionIndex()


    // Operation part 1

    // Operation part 2


    So Is it possible with Yii rights to restrict the user to access some part of function may be Part 1 OR Part 2.

Thanks in advance.

  1. Rights works on action’s Controllers. Why do you need to controler functions other actions?

  2. No, rights works only on action’s. But you can split your action into two or more actions.

I think you’re making errors in reasoning.

Actually I got some requirement like that. So that’s why I just want to know is it possible or not.

BTW Thanks for your reply.