Yii Rights :: Error 403 You Are Not Authorized To Perform This Action


I am newb in yii. I installed yii-rights in protected/modules/rights as per documentation. But can’t use properly. There are something missing that I couldn’t find out. localhost/index.php/right page is working well. But when I press on “permissions”, “roles”, “tasks”, “operations”. It shows

"Error 403

You are not authorized to perform this action."

Here is my main config::








	   'superuserName'=>'Admin', // Name of the role with super user privileges. 

	   'authenticatedName'=>'Authenticated',  // Name of the authenticated user role. 

	   'userIdColumn'=>'id', // Name of the user id column in the database. 

	   'userNameColumn'=>'username',  // Name of the user name column in the database. 

	   'enableBizRule'=>true,  // Whether to enable authorization item business rules. 

	   'enableBizRuleData'=>false,   // Whether to enable data for business rules. 

	   'displayDescription'=>true,  // Whether to use item description instead of name. 

	   'flashSuccessKey'=>'RightsSuccess', // Key to use for setting success flash messages. 

	   'flashErrorKey'=>'RightsError', // Key to use for setting error flash messages. 

	   'baseUrl'=>'/rights', // Base URL for Rights. Change if module is nested. 

	   'layout'=>'rights.views.layouts.main',  // Layout to use for displaying Rights. 

	   'appLayout'=>'application.views.layouts.main', // Application layout. 

	   'cssFile'=>'rights.css', // Style sheet file to use for Rights. 

	   'install'=>false,  // Whether to enable installer. 






		// enable cookie-based authentication




I need your help. PLEASE

Note that:: I am using yii-user also. yii-user is working well.

After installing yii rights, have you selected all permisions?