Yii Rights Blog Demo Installation Instructions?

OK I am trying to figure out how to use Rights properly. Have downloaded the Blog Demo from here:


have done following:

  • extracted the code

  • created a db and user and updated the protected/config/main.php file

  • have run the protected/data/blog-with-rights.sql against the above db:

This gives error:

  • Also ran protected/data/schema.sql:

This runs fine (but seems to not create tbl_authassignment, etc. Also this one’s tables are prefixed with ‘tbl’ whereas one above is ‘blog_’ it seems to be using two diff sets of schemas, one of which is outdated?). Trying to access my domain.com/r=rights (with config setting install=true):

Is this demo blog still maintained? If a README with some installation instructions on how to get it working could be added, would be fantastic.


OK I’ve managed to get it working by setting the ‘blog_’ as the table prefix in the config.

(Also, ignored the mysql error, hope it doesn’t come to bite me in the @ss later! :slight_smile:

When I click on the login link (/index.php/site/login) , it fails (file not found).

I’m guessing a .htaccess file is needed here to convert to r=site/login format underneath but there’s no .htaccess in the installation zip folder?

So to keep this package up to date can I suggest:

  • The ‘tbl_’ schema sql stuff be removed

  • a working .htaccess is inclued in the zip folder