Yii REST api UrlManager works locally but not on EC2

Hello all Need help with UrlManager issues

I have a working website on EC2 with Yii 1.x - all browser requests work appropriately

We just setup a controller to handle API POSTS within this app - we send via cURL an XML file to the API, and it works well locally , with no problems, but when we setup the API in our EC2 instance, and send the same test XML we get the following error: Unable to resolve the request "apiLenstar/preop"

The local command is –

curl -k --verbose -F "file=@LensStar.XML" https://localhost/bridge/index.php/apiLenstar/preop

The remote command is similar, but substitute our EC2 address for localhost

the controller is apiLenstarController, and the action is preop

Here is the URL Manager Config:





                        'apiLenstar/preop'=>array('apiLenstar/preop','caseSensitve'=>false, 'verb'=>'POST'),

                        'api/<action:\w+>'=>array('apiLenstar/<action:\w+>', 'verb'=>'POST'),






I have tried multiple combinations of the above, and I can’t fix the problem - Any help would be appreciated

it says verb post so it has to be post request

use the -X flag on curl to set the method