Yii Requirement Check

Hello guys, that’s my first topic, i’m totally newbie on PHP frameworks, for now i only have experiencies with microsoft products, like asp.NET and others languages and frameworks , and i kinda feel the need to learn more about Yii framework. Hope you guys help me with a simple question (for now =)), I’ve installed all the requirements, but i have this warning notice from my requirement check page:

*sorry the english, im brazilian


Name	Result	Required By	Memo

PHP version 	Passed 	Yii Framework 	PHP 5.1.0 or higher is required.

$_SERVER variable 	Passed 	Yii Framework 	 

Reflection extension 	Passed 	Yii Framework 	 

PCRE extension 	Passed 	Yii Framework 	 

SPL extension 	Passed 	Yii Framework 	 

DOM extension 	Passed 	CHtmlPurifier, CWsdlGenerator 	 

PDO extension 	Passed 	All DB-related classes 	 

PDO SQLite extension 	Warning 	All DB-related classes 	This is required if you are using SQLite database.

PDO MySQL extension 	Warning 	All DB-related classes 	This is required if you are using MySQL database.

PDO PostgreSQL extension 	Warning 	All DB-related classes 	This is required if you are using PostgreSQL database.

Memcache extension 	Warning 	CMemCache 	 

APC extension 	Warning 	CApcCache 	 

Mcrypt extension 	Passed 	CSecurityManager 	This is required by encrypt and decrypt methods.

SOAP extension 	Warning 	CWebService, CWebServiceAction 	 

GD extension with

FreeType support 	Warning 	CCaptchaAction 	GD not installed 

Why MYSQL and others services things not passed?



and welcome to Yii !!

I think the warning you get are not so severe unless you want to write some soap server, or dynamically create images. As you can read, CCaptcha will not be possible on this server (because you don’t have the GD PHP extension). … you can install it later.

Have fun with Yii !!

Hi, and welcome aboard. :)

Those are warnings, but you are in trouble if you want to use any database - which you probably want.

You need to install mysql or sqlite php extensions - they are not installed - hence the warnings.

You can use Yii without - but any trivial app requires a database, so go ahead and install the required extensions.

Thanks so much for the answers, where can i find those extensions? im looking on google but i’m finding lots of differents download/tutorials pages. I dont know if that extensions are installed on Apache, and where i’ll download the PDO extensions… im trying =), not that i’m being such a lazy guy, but i want save some time, help again :D

It depends on your platform. For example, I’m using wamp on windows. With wamp, it is possible to choose the PHP version to use, and enable/disable any PHP extension among the ones provided (a lot). For windows plateform, there is also xamp.


It could also be that you have the extensions already but are not enabled in the php.ini. You can locate them and if they are there, check they are not commented (comments begin with a semi colon ; ) out e.g.





@Raoul, i doesn’t installed any plataform, if i knowed this before :rolleyes: , i installed all the requirements separately, Apache, MySQL and PHP5. It’s necessary uninstall all these server and services and install all again using the xamp? thks. :D

@kevinb, it’s is not commented, they all are:

; Local Variables:

; tab-width: 4

; End:









































Here’s attached the EXT dir, in PHP dir.

php_pdo.dll is missing from your list…


What version of PHP are you running?

If you begin with PHP, apache and MySQL my advice is : go for xamp (or wamp) 100 % … it saves a lot of time (unless of course you’re intrested in installing & configuring all these components)



Thanks sooo much, i installed xamp, and it’s working fine now.

but still having 2 (important?) warnings… what these extensions is about?

Memcache extension Warning CMemCache

APC extension Warning CApcCache

They are used for caching, most applications can do without them unless you need to cache a very large amount of data.



They are useful, but you don’t need them. ;)

Yes u don’t need them all

Thank you guys, i’m really enjoying the Yii here.

OK. But if I want to you Yii on server (which is not mine) how can I config PDO? I have problem with MySQL and sqlite extension:

PDO extension Warning

PDO SQLite extensio Warning

PDO MySQL extensio Warning

If you can install or configure your PHP configuration, then install MySQL or enable the extension for MySQL in php.ini.

If you don’t have any access to php.ini and cannot install something to the server, use the kind of database that is already installed and can work with Yii.