Yii Report Generation And Export To Excel

Good day guys can anyone tell me where can I study a tutorial or something that can help me to build a report generation and export it to excel a very simple one would do it. Thank you in advance.

Search for the Excel related extensions. There are a few to choose from; try them all.

tnx sir but which one do you recommend most?

again how about the report generation?


Do you want to generate a report then export it to excel? If it is a simple tabular form of report, then you can use the gridview and there are extensions to export it to excel. But if not and you need to create a very dynamic layout of excel then it s another story. You can try jasper reports but it a little complicated if you only want simple reports.

Like @jcagentzero said, the simplest way is a CGridView from which to base your export to Excel. Something more sophisticated would require Jasper Reports (as he said, it’s complicated - Java) or perhaps Reportico, which is written in PHP and I just noticed it even has a Yii module.

yes sir i only needed a simple report in cgridview and then export it to excel tnx for the solution :)