Yii Registered Package Update

Hi Everybody,

I’m using:

Yii::setPathOfAlias('b_theme', dirname(__FILE__) . '/path/to/files');

$package = array(

                'basePath'    => 'b_theme',

                'css' => array('css/style.css'),

                'js' => array('js/main.js'),



                ->addPackage( 'be_theme', $package )

                ->registerPackage( 'be_theme' );

to register a package wich files are not contained in the application folder, but in another, cause they are shared trought many yii application.

This works great as I can share one css/js file trought different application.

The problem come out when I update one of the files contained in the package. The edit are not recognised by the package untill I empty the assets folder in every sub-Application.

Is there anyway to check for edit in this file and auto-regenerate the package?

Thanks in advance