Yii Real Life Examples

First, I’m a noob, but I’ve been working through the documents, searching the forums, etc. and making decent levels of progress.

The issue that I’m having is that there seems to be a startling lack of real life examples. Outside of a few CMS apps written in Yii, and some blog tutorials, I haven’t seen any real applications. There are some functions that I’d assume would be fairly common, but I’m struggling to find even vague examples anywhere.

For instance, if I want to allow a user to select a row in CGridView and it display the details somewhere within that view for the selected row… I’ve searched and searched but couldn’t find even one example of this.

Can anyone point me at some good examples of data-driven applications built on Yii?

Thanks in advance…


try yiiplayground live demo




www.stay.com is a good example

sir can tell me the ways to brind CJuiDatepicker to my dropdownlist in _form

Look up ^

Scoob posted a link to the Yii Playground.

((And what made you post in this topic??))

I’ve been looking for an example of that specific situation you posted, and have yet to see any replies:


As for functioning sites, there is a forum section dedicated to production examples of Yii sites, unfortunately, not many of them actually have source available to view.


It’s better to creeate a new topic for that

If You want see a live website, what written in Yii

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