YII RBAC 500 Error

I am trying to access the authAssignment/admin I am getting the following error:

This is what is in my DB:


[{"itemname":"admin", "bizrule":"", "data":"", "user_id":0}]


{"id":2, "user_type":"", "username":"test@gmail.com", "password":"4fbeb3d93d5408df1eeb22bf12078442", "email":"test@gmail.com", "mobilephone":"5555555555", "lastip":"", "lastlogin":"2016-01-01 01:00:00", "resetmode":0, "resetpass":"", "resettime":"2016-01-01 01:00:00", "role_id":2}}


        public function actionAdmin()


                $model=new AuthAssignment('search');

                $model->unsetAttributes();  // clear any default values








        public function relations()


                // NOTE: you may need to adjust the relation name and the related

                // class name for the relations automatically generated below.

                return array(

                        'user' => array(self::BELONGS_TO, 'User', 'user_id'),

                        'itemname0' => array(self::BELONGS_TO, 'AuthItem', 'itemname'),




$this->widget('zii.widgets.grid.CGridView', array(














Why am I getting a 500 error?

Could you show us the detailed call stack?

Thanks for your reply. How would I show you the detailed call stack? Where is the detailed call stack?

Look into "runtime" directory of your application for "application.log" file, in which the detailed call stack should be found.

That is Awesome!

Looking at the call stack, the problem seems to rise from CButtonColumn when it tried to create a link url. Do you have any idea?

I removed the CButtonColumn from my gridview and now it is working! Thanks!