Yii queue: Jobs not running even with listen

(Ividal) #1

I’vee been trying to get this queue to be detected in my database, but when I run the commands nothing happens, it seems as if its not detecting the jobs on the database

Here is my code where I send the task:

namespace app\commands;

use \yii\console\Controller;
use \yii\console\ExitCode;
use app\models\Horarios_Equipos;
use app\commands\HorarioJob;
use yii\queue\Queue;

class HorarioController extends Controller
 * This command echoes what you have entered as the message.
 * @param string $message the message to be echoed.
 * @return int Exit code
public function actionBuscar()
    $hora = date("H").":00".":00";
    $dia = date("N");

    $horarios = Horarios_Equipos::find()->where([
        'hora' => $hora,
        'dia' => $dia,

    foreach($horarios as $horario)
        //echo $horario->id_equipo."\n";
        //echo $horario->estado."\n";
        //enviar a cola

            new HorarioJob([
                'id_equipo' => $horario->id_equipo,
                'estado' => $horario->estado,

                echo $this->id_equipo."\n";
                echo $this->estado."\n";

    return ExitCode::OK;


This is the code for the task:


namespace app\commands;

use Yii;
use yii\base\BaseObject;
use yii\queue\JobInterface;
use yii\queue\Queue;

class HorarioJob extends BaseObject implements yii\queue\JobInterface
public $id_equipo;
public $estado;

public function execute($queue)

	echo $this->id_equipo."\n";
    echo $this->estado."\n";


I’ve already updated composer to see if it would work but It didn’t help either, I don’t know what to do anymore