Yii Programmer Needed for minor adjustments


I have a basic knowledge of the Yii Framework and Design.

I am trying to build a network of design sites I am starting off with a visual / Recipe site.

I want to strip the site back & apply a new design with miminal features.

My Main Idea is to utilise the design across a number of domains. This can be seen in companies such as

Notcot.org & Foodgawker which in reality I am trying to replicate but add my own content.

I have tried for almost 18 months with Outsourcing my project and have learnt the grit involved. This time around

I hope I can get my finished product.

I need a programmer that can just take control add his own elements and give me the finish product when due.

Happy to work out a cost and get the project going forward.

The current site is Eater.com.au -

What is involved.

  1. Add New Design

  2. Make this work in the same way as a notcot.org

  3. Facebook Connect - To Work.

  4. Integrate Openx.org - for advertising

  5. Strip out - Recipe, Comment, Map.

Kind Regards