Yii Profiler/Debug


is there any module or something to output debug/profile information? I mean something like Profiler in Kohana framework which shows execution time & memory usage, and also all the queries, and theirs execution time on EACH page… it is very helpful when developing…

is that possible in Yii?

Yes. Please check http://www.yiiframework.com/doc/guide/topics.logging

You’ll want to look into the CWebLogRoute for this output. It can be a little verbose sometimes, though…

I have a small feature request which could help

for many developers.

in bottom page we have saw SQL query, if we need this.

And it will be great if we can see result of those queries, in the

same place.

Also, viewing results of those queries could be realized with help AJAX.

I think it will be great feature.

What you think ??