Yii Powered


I’ve created a couple of Yii Powered icons.


nice ;D

thanks imehesz


They are very beautiful :o :o :o

Thank you So Much imehesz :)) :)) :)) :))

I’m not english, but ‘yii power’ has the same meaning as ‘yii powered’ ?

English is my first language and in my opinion Yii power is subtly different than Yii powered.

Yii powered indicate what sort of system of fuel or whatever is the source of the power or energy.

Yii power is more like a celebration of Yii or a slogan or chant.

The difference is subtle but it is definitely there.

Yii Power!

:) doodle


the reason why I chose power over powered, that it would look kinda goofy, because the powered word itself is much longer then Yii and I was looking for something with similar length

Let the Yii power be with you :)

(btw, english is not my first language either :( )


maybe someone can use this tool to create something official?


for example



that looks good :)

Very Nice…


I am using it too - thanks a lot! :D

I prefer Yii Power over Yii Powered … so it’s perfect.

My project just swapped the Cake Power image for the Yii Power image - and it’s much happier now … ;)


haha - I used to have CakePower on some of my sites too a couple of years ago :D