Yii powered sites sharing

Hi yii users,

Another choice to broadcast your Yii Powered Sites

How about submit and share your yii powered sites at http://yii.poweredsites.org, especially your open source sites which are powered by yii.

It is like http://www.yiiframework.com/yii-sites/, but you can share more information about your site at here,

eg. your site also powered by Apache jQuery MySQL etc.

The sub-site’s goal is to broadcast yii project and yii powered sites, and share yii with other projects.

Enjoy it!

BTW: http://poweredsites.org is an open source site, the code is located at http://bitbucket.org/felinx/poweredsites

Nice idea…

It’s a bit strange to have the picture (logo) of the site in a horizontal scroll… it’s a bit unnatural…

It would be better if the picture would be shown above the text… so that it does not have the horizontal scroll, IMHO

The official logo of Yii is too long, I have changed another one.

But it’s not only with Yii… haiza and mongo too have the horizontal scroll bar for example

And check the homepage… When I clik the second page (2 in pager) it displayes the first page… 3,4 page works… only the 2nd does not work/dispaly

It’s strange for the second pager, try it again.

Yes, some of the logos are too long to display, but I think display it with scroll bar is better than hidden the overflow parts.

And user need choose a proper size logo now, maybe I can make it better later.

For the logo - it’s not intuitive to have the scroll for the picture… and it’s difficult to scroll it…

You can check the dimensions after uploading the file… and if it’s bigger than the max you set… you can automatically scale the picture…

The second page does not work for me… if I go to this link poweredsites.org/?page=2 - I get the first page… even in the pager it’s selected the number 1… for “?page=3” - it’s working…

I have cleared up the cache, did you try it again?

I did not host the logo in my server, it’s just a image url.

I will take your suggest to check the image size and set the image width if it is too long.

It’s working now…

Add thumbshot for a submitted site, it will pop up thumbshot when your mouse hovering on a site’s logo in sites list page.

I also put the thumbshot at the detail information page of a site, for example: http://sites.poweredsites.org/yiiframework-com

I tried to submit FlexicaCMS but the submit form does not work.

Hi, it is a defect when normal user submitting a website, thank you for the report.

I have fixed this defect and submitted your site. Please feel free to update the information of your site.



Is there a way to edit a project in the site. I have just submitted the new project, which has incorrect logo URL. I could not find a way to edit it.

Please let me know.