[Yii Powered Site] http://www.artfos.com

We have redesigned our company web site using Yii!!

You can see it at http://www.artfos.com.

Thanks Qiang and the Yii Team for this awesome framework!

nice one :) I like the way you have implemented multilinguality with the way user’s focus stays on selected the page when clicking on the flag icon.

Good job, however i think your footer boxes should be the same width as your content container. And left align the footer text.

I also think you can skip having the ‘en’ and ‘es’ next to the flags and the delimiter (|), i think this would make the layout even smoother, just putting the flags next to each other.

Other than that i think you guys did a great job. :)

Thank you!! It’s the magic of Yii ;D

I like this menu! ;) Neat!

How Can I do this kind of translations with my website?


Watch this out!




Thank you I will try it!!!

Best regards from Colombia!