Yii power site for service company. Can I call it ERP?

Hi all,

I am working on this app for a year now


I call it ERP but not sure it is the right name for the app

The site is prepared as empty site and sure quite a few bugs here and there :)

Any suggestion would be welcome :)

Forgot to mention

username and password to login




//edt Sorry Da:Sourcerer for not mention this earlier

//edt Could anyone tell me how fast does it load on your computer? I just get this new VPS and not sure how fast it would be

For all I can see, I’d call it a login form with an “Enterprise Resource Planner” header :P

//edt: All good now B)

Hm, the interface is a bit rough on the edges, you might want to go over that so it’s really consistent. Especially check for links a user might not have the rights to access. Running into an exception because of this is rather disturbing. Can’t really tell how good or bad the workflow is. but apart from that: Looks promising :)

Btw: I believe yii belongs into /usr/local/share and not /usr/local/lib.

Thanks Da:Sourcerer

Could you clarify a bit more on "the interface is a bit rough on the edges". I am the coder, not designer, so I use original Yii theme, but expand a bit.

The technicians are my testers but besides keep track of their times, checking on if the boss approved their worked time or not, they don’t really care any thing else so I guess they did not encounter with exception :-[

Anyway, I have moved yii, and will create some quote/job tomorrow to make it more lively

Hello. IMHO, your app looks like an ERP planification-wise. However, I think ERPs are nowadays more than that, they allow for instance to break down the (human and material) resources effort per task in order to perform further financial analysis.

@viethung Your index views tend to look slightly different. And there are things like text fields for boolean values. That’s giving your entire app an unpolished look.

And while we’re at it: Do you make use of Yii’s validation system past the require-validator?

@bennouna The scope of this app is in house developed for in house use. The aim of this is to get rid of paper time sheet, better staff time management, connect everything from quote->job/task->invoice, reduce the work load of manager in term of technician work time approval, check out cheat technicians, and follow up with serious issue.

This app does have hardware allocated to task, how many technician working on task and total working time for each technician on any single task. This app, according to the boss, is 80% of what he wanted.

@Da:Sourcerer I am the only coder, do everything from scratch, and I work on this app according to what the boss want me to do, plus first time with MVC framwork and Yii :). I admit that I do have some text fields on boolean values, probably copy and paste or change database design, I have to go back and check them all, with proper default value. Thanks for pointing that out.

I don’t make use of Yii’s validation system. I have problems with it since I start and don’t use it at all (or I was very inexperience with Yii a year ago :) ). Probably I need to go back and review about it.

You need to polish your application more, especially design, add validations and so on.

Also for login page you should use separate layout.

Besides what everyone has already pointed, I’d like you give you a more specific feedback.

As a recommendation, you shouldn’t show the encrypted password in the acounts/update form. If the intention is to allow the user to change the password, then you should create a new action exclusively to handle that case where the user has to input the actual password, the new password and a confirmation of the new password.

@ mauriciorivera Yeap, I do know about that, but since GII created it, and the boss not complaint about it rather than nagging me for new features, so I leave it as it is :). I will create a new password update action when have time. Currently, I am re-work on create quote interface, then update invoice/create and invoice/update pages so they look consistent. Again, I am a sole developer of this project and I am not a designer, also, to answer @ Ivica: This is in house application and since the boss is more interested in new features than look/design

@ Ivica & Da:Sourcerer: You two mentioned about Yii validation system, do you meant model rules or ajax validation part or both? I have taken care of the fields in the controller but the boss does not want pop up message, so I have ignored quite a few condition handling cases.

Thank you for your feed backs

You can give a more polished look to the admin interface without much effort. Actually I just made a demo application this morning on how to use twitter’s bootstrap using Crisu83’s bootstrap extension and some other stuff. I’ll be sharing it tonight, once I upload it to my webpage.

Right now you can get the sources at my bitbucket repository

You might want to look at adding User access control with Yii-Rights -> http://www.yiiframework.com/extension/rights/ This will greatly simplify adding and controlling user registration and access rights to forms and features. If you want to limit users to company employees, then add a rule to registration that requires a valid company e-mail.

There are several DropDown menu extensions available which will tidy up the top menu bar and give you back a lot of space.

Overall your site looks pretty good. If it works for your company and your boss and users are happy then that is the most important thing.

Thanks Ivanda Nothabeer

I did look at the extension as well as how to do RBAC, but I think it was overkill.

Now, I have been bombarded with changing user permission on certain functions ;D

I have sent email to boss this morning to ask his permission for me to add that in after I finish with redone the quote interface. Thanks to mauriciorivera, now I have to spend more time to make the page nicer (not the whole app yet) :lol:

hi …

can you share your source code …