Yii Pop Up Box

hey can any one tell me how to create pop up box in yii.I need data from database table and view them in pop up box.help me plz.can any one give me good tutorials for that it is highly appreciate.

thanx in advance



Go through this link


please see this wiki

I hope it’s some help.

hey thanx lot your quick reply

You can also used, CJuidialog of yii. You’ll going back to basic but it is widely used. :)

Still it confused . I need when click send message button display popupbox with body and message field and send button.whrn click send button that information should be saved in the message table.how do ai do that. following link nothing display



									echo CHtml::link('Send Message','dashboard/sendmessage',


									   'onclick'=>'$("#mymodal").dialog("open"); return false;',


										array('class' => 'more light icon_small_arrow margin_right_white')




help me pls.thanx

Take a look here.

Cjuidialog box is not the sollution.jpopup also give error.is there any extention work nicely.pls help me. :(

How about yiistrap modal http://www.cniska.net/yii-bootstrap/#tbModal? Also checkout this http://untame.net/2013/05/how-to-build-a-modal-contact-form-in-twitter-bootstrap-with-php-ajax/. You can modify code to suit your needs.